Moldes Portugal 2008




Under the theme "Designing the Industry of the Future", this year's edition of RPD will discuss Innovation and Rapid Product Development Technologies for the first time in the Portuguese northern city of Oliveira de Azeméis, from October 29th to 30th.

Integrated in Moulds Event 2008, RPD 2008 intends to overcome the results achieved in the previous editions (2008 is the fourth!!).

RPD 2008 will bring to discussion and debate the state-of-the art and innovation in Product Development, Rapid Prototyping & Tooling, Rapid Manufacturing and related areas.

RPD 2008 focus on providing solutions for reducing time-to-market. This emphasis on Rapid Product Development and Rapid Manufacturing technologies makes the attendance to this conference an excellent opportunity to keep updated with the most important information about the latest developments in the broad areas of this event.

We invite technicians and researchers from the Industry, Academia and other organizations to disseminate and discuss the results of their projects and research.

Learning and discussing with invited international specialists makes this RPD 2008 the conference to attend. RPD 2008 is also a very good occasion to find new business opportunities and to launch research collaborations and future projects.

The active participation of the Industry is critical for the success of RPD 2008. Its real experience and know-how regarding the use of these technologies will provide information for the companies to improve their competitiveness and create new investigation fields on this issue. More and more, Industry and Academia must work together and RPD 2008 is the conference to present perceptions and work done on these topics as well as to forge success partnerships regarding new and advanced Rapid Product Development processes.

RPD 2008 organising committee is counting on your contribution for the success of this event!

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